Positions Papers should be 2-7 pages per topic excluding bibliography

In order to be eligible for any award, you must submit a position paper to your chair


To request an extension for your position paper, please email sg@scvmun.com and not your chairs directly

Requests for an extension must be prior to January 10th as they will not be granted on the due date

Directors will not be accessing committee specific emails for papers until December 1st

Position Paper Guide


Specialty Committees

Committee: Security Council

Head Director: Pardis Bidokhti
Assistant Directors: Kylie Watanabe

Topic 1: The Philippine Drug War

Security Council Synopsis
Chair Bios

Email: sc.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: NATO

Head Director: Sam Schultheis
Assistant Director: Alison Lee & Stephanie Jackson

Topic 1: Cyber Security
Topic 2: Counter-Terrorism

NATO Synopsis
Chair Bios

Email: nato.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: Historical Security Council

Head Director: Peter Williams
Assistant Directors: Lucas Chavez Meyles

Topic 1: 1998 Ethiopian-Eritrean Conflict

Historical Security Council Synopsis
Chair Bios

Email: hsc.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: World Bank

Head Director: Spencer Philips
Assistant Director: Kavina Desai

Topic 1: Debt Trap Diplomacy
Topic 2: Global Debt levels and their impact on the global economy

World Bank Synopsis
Chair Bios

Email: wb.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)

Head Director: Revati Rashingkar
Assistant Directors: Sarah Xu & Vishnu Vennelakanti

Topic 1: Creating Infrastructure to Minimize Vulnerability of Incoming Refugees

UNHCR Synopsis
Chair Bios

Email: unhcr.scvmun@gmail.com


General Assembly

Committee: ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council)

Head Director: Eli Tye
Assistant Directors: Aneesh Swamy

Topic 1: Economic Impact of Terrorism in the Middle East
Topic 2: Food Security in the Middle East

ECOSOC Synopsis
Chair Bios

Email: ecosoc.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: IAEA (International Atomic Energy Association)

Head Director: Megan Bruning
Assistant Directors: Deepak Ragu, Rita Chen & Merna Rayes

Topic 1: The Proliferation of Nuclear Agriculture in Coping with the Effects of Climate Change
Topic 2: Ensuring Radioactive Waste Management in Developing Countries

IAEA Synopsis
Chair Bios

Email: iaea.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: DISEC (Disarmament and International Security Committee)

Head Director: Isha Gonugunta
Assistant Directors: Kara Asuncion & Natiana Day

Topic 1: The Iran Nuclear Deal: The Renegotiation
Topic 2: The South China Sea: Hegemony and Security

DISEC Synopsis
Chair Bios 

Email: disec.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: WHO (World Health Organization)

Head Director: Apurva Prasad
Assistant Director: Wassim Zahzah, Anisha Bagmanian, & Alicia Chen

Topic 1: Strengthening Resilience Against Global Outbreaks
Topic 2: The Regulation of Gene Modification

WHO Synopsis
Chair Bios

Email: scvmun.who@gmail.com


Committee: UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme)

Head Director: Sam Smith
Assistant Directors: Julian Lake, Zach Iguelmamene, & Jacopo Fiore

Topic 1: Global Nitrogen Pollution Crisis
Topic 2: Global Ecological Connectivity

UNEP Synopsis
Chair Bios 

Email: unep.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: SOCHUM (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural)

Head Director: Razan Zoubi
Assistant Directors: Paige Wallace, & Eron Lake

Topic 1: Self Sovereignty and Human Rights Violations in Palestine
Topic 2: Loss of Cultural Identity Due to Globalization

SOCHUM Synopsis
Chair Bios 

Email: sochum.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: UNDP (United Nations Development Programme)

Head Director: Madaleine Valdez
Assistant Director: Nishitha Shetty, Vishnu Arul, & Ryan Blackburn

Topic 1: Debt Mitigation
Topic 2: Sustainable Developement

UNDP Synopsis
Chair Bios

Email: undp.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: LEGAL (Legal Committee)

Head Director: Natasha Singha
Assistant Directors: Jenny Guise

Topic 1: Revisiting Regulations Surrounding Atomic Energy and Testing Advancements
Topic 2: World Wide Refugee Asylum Laws

Legal Synopsis
Chair Bios

Email: legal.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)

Head Director: Dhruv Mandal
Assistant Directors: Saran Uthayakumar & Trent Gomberg

Topic 1: Fostering Basic Science Education and Research
Topic 2: Digital Preservation of Knowledge

UNESCO Synopsis
Chair Bios

Email: unesco.scvmun@gmail.com