In order to be eligible for any award, you must submit a position paper to your chair


To request an extension for your position paper, please email sg@scvmun.com and not your chairs directly.

Position Paper Guide


Specialty Committees

Committee: Security Council

Head Director: Pardis Bidokhti
Assistant Directors: Ankita Bhat & Shreeya Negi

Topic 1: The Crisis in Myanmar

Security Council Synopsis
Chair Bios: TBA

Email: sc.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: NATO

Head Director: Sam Schultheis
Assistant Director: Razan Zoubi

Topic 1: Projecting Stability: NATO's Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan
Topic 2: Extended Assurance Measures: Maintaining Security in the Black Sea Region

Synopsis: TBA
Chair Bios: TBA

Email: nato.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: Historical Security Council

Head Director: TBA
Assistant Directors: Peter Williams & Sam Smith

Topic 1: Civil War in El Salvador

Historical Security Council Synopsis
Chair Bios: TBA

Email: hsc.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: World Bank

Head Director: Madeleine Valdez
Assistant Director: Adhithya Mohanraj

Topic 1: Challenging Economic Ideology in Public Policy
Topic 2: World Bank Program Policy Reform 2049

World Bank Synopsis
Chair Bios: TBA

Email: wb.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: UNHCR( United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees )

Head Director: Emily Moncada
Assistant Directors: Atherv Gole & Shayna Kothari

Topic 1: Climate Refugees
Topic 2: South Sudan Refugee Situation

Synopsis: TBA
Chair Bios: TBA

Email: unhcr.scvmun@gmail.com


General Assembly

Committee: ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council)

Head Director: Spencer Phillips
Assistant Directors: Shree Mukilan Pari & Apurva Prasad

Topic 1: Criminal Justice Responses to Cybercrime
Topic 2: Women's Economic and Political Participation in Developing Countries

ECOSOC Synopsis
Chair Bios: TBA

Email: ecosoc.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: IAEA (International Atomic Energy Association)

Head Director: Eron Lake
Assistant Directors: Brittany Lopez & Ammar Syed

Topic 1: Regulation of Uranium Raw Materials for the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Topic 2: Ensuring the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons in Sovereign States

Synopsis: TBA
Chair Bios: TBA

Email: iaea.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: DISEC (Disarmament and International Security Committee)

Head Director: Monica Gonugunta
Assistant Directors: Megan Bruning & Aishwarya Vandali

Topic 1: Biological Weapons
Topic 2: Genocide in South Africa

Synopsis: TBA
Chair Bios: TBA


Email: disec.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: WHO (World Health Organization)

Head Director: Ana Singh
Assistant Director: Madi Sellers

Topic 1: Access to Prenatal Care
Topic 2: Mosquito Bourne Diseases

Synopsis: TBA
Chair Bios: TBA


Email: scvmun.who@gmail.com


Committee: UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme)

Head Director: Kunal Patel
Assistant Directors: John Wood

Topic 1: The Global Governance of Geoengineering
Topic 2: Implications of Renewable Energy Technology on Mining Communities

Synopsis: TBA
Chair Bios: TBA


Email: unep.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: SOCHUM (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural)

Head Director: Brandon Lake
Assistant Directors: Eli Tye & Sam Cordy

Topic 1: TBA
Topic 2: TBA

Synopsis: TBA
Chair Bios: TBA


Email: sochum.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: UNDP (United Nations Development Programme)

Head Director: Jena Liebescher
Assistant Director: Dhruv Mandal

Topic 1: Clean Energy in Sub-Saharan Africa
Topic 2: Post Disaster Relief in Haiti

Synopsis: TBA
Chair Bios: TBA


Email: undp.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: LEGAL (Legal Committee)

Head Director: Jennifer Guise
Assistant Directors: Natasha Singha & Nikhil Pimpalkhare

Topic 1: Death Penalty on a Global Stage
Topic 2: Legal Protections for UN Peacekeepers

Legal Synopsis
Chair Bios: TBA

Email: legal.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)

Head Director: Julian Lake
Assistant Directors: TBA

Topic 1: Rural Education and the Development Thereof
Topic 2: Sustainable Tourism

Synopsis: TBA
Chair Bios: TBA

Email: unesco.scvmun@gmail.com