Positions Papers should be 2-7 pages per topic excluding bibliography

In order to be eligible for any award, you must submit a position paper to your chair


To request an extension for your position paper, please email sg@scvmun.com and not your chairs directly

Requests for an extension must be prior to January 10th as they will not be granted on the due date

Directors will not be accessing committee specific emails for papers until December 1st

Position Paper Guide


Specialty Committees

Committee: Security Council

Head Director: Pardis Bidokhti
Assistant Directors: Ankita Bhat & Shreeya Negi

Topic 1: The Crisis in Myanmar

Security Council Synopsis
Chair Bios

Email: sc.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: NATO

Head Director: Sam Schultheis
Assistant Director: Razan Zoubi

Topic 1: Projecting Stability: NATO's Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan
Topic 2: Extended Assurance Measures: Maintaining Security in the Black Sea Region

NATO Synopsis
Chair Bios

Email: nato.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: Historical Security Council

Head Director: Peter Williams
Assistant Directors: Sam Smith

Topic 1: Civil War in El Salvador

Historical Security Council Synopsis
Chair Bios

Email: hsc.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: World Bank

Head Director: Madeleine Valdez
Assistant Director: Adhithya Mohanraj

Topic 1: Challenging Economic Ideology in Public Policy
Topic 2: World Bank Program Policy Reform 2049

World Bank Synopsis
Chair Bios

Email: wb.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: UNHCR( United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees )

Head Director: Emily Moncada
Assistant Directors:Rachel Adamek & Laurel Freeman

Topic 1: Climate Refugees
Topic 2: South Sudan Refugee Situation

UNHCR Synopsis
Chair Bios

Email: unhcr.scvmun@gmail.com


General Assembly

Committee: ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council)

Head Director: Spencer Phillips
Assistant Directors: Shree Mukilan Pari & Apurva Prasad

Topic 1: Criminal Justice Responses to Cybercrime
Topic 2: Women's Economic and Political Participation in Developing Countries

ECOSOC Synopsis
Chair Bios

Email: ecosoc.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: IAEA (International Atomic Energy Association)

Head Director: Eron Lake
Assistant Directors: Brittany Lopez & Ammar Syed

Topic 1: Regulation of Uranium Raw Materials for the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Topic 2: Ensuring the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons in Sovereign States

IAEA Synopsis
Chair Bios

Email: iaea.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: DISEC (Disarmament and International Security Committee)

Head Director: Monica Gonugunta
Assistant Directors: Megan Bruning & Aishwarya Vandali

Topic 1: Biological Weapons
Topic 2: Genocide in South Africa

DISEC Synopsis
Chair Bios


Email: disec.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: WHO (World Health Organization)

Head Director: Ankit Patel
Assistant Director: Ana Singh

Topic 1: Ensuring Access and Coverage of Prenatal Care through Healthcare Reform
Topic 2: Mitigating the Transmission of Mosquito Borne Diseases in South America

WHO Synopsis
Chair Bios


Email: scvmun.who@gmail.com


Committee: UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme)

Head Director: Kunal Patel
Assistant Directors: John Wood

Topic 1: The Global Governance of Geoengineering
Topic 2: Implications of Renewable Energy Technology on Mining Communities

UNEP Synopsis
Chair Bios


Email: unep.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: SOCHUM (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural)

Head Director: Noor Ali
Assistant Directors: Anjali Roychowdhury

Topic 1: The Fight Against Organ Trade
Topic 2: Police Action Against Domestic Violence

SOCHUM Synopsis
Chair Bios


Email: sochum.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: UNDP (United Nations Development Programme)

Head Director: Jena Liebescher
Assistant Director: Dhruv Mandal

Topic 1: Clean Energy in Sub-Saharan Africa
Topic 2: Post Disaster Relief in Haiti

UNDP Synopsis
Chair Bios


Email: undp.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: LEGAL (Legal Committee)

Head Director: Jennifer Guise
Assistant Directors: Natasha Singha & Nikhil Pimpalkhare

Topic 1: Death Penalty on a Global Stage
Topic 2: Legal Protections for UN Peacekeepers

Legal Synopsis
Chair Bios

Email: legal.scvmun@gmail.com


Committee: UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)

Head Director: Charlotte Swenson
Assistant Directors: Zoe Bader

Topic 1: The Development of Rural Education
Topic 2: Sustainable Tourism

UNESCO Synopsis
Chair Bios

Email: unesco.scvmun@gmail.com